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ABC Insulation Piercing Connector 95-95MM² – CABAC IPC95/95

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ABC Insulation Piercing Connector 95-95MM² – CABAC IPC95/95
IPC (Insulation Piercing Connectors) are used to tap off low voltage XLPE insulated Aerial Bundled Cable (ABC), using a unique insulation piercing technique.

ABC IPC Features

Designed for all weather applications, corrosion resistant, ease of installation and low cost
• Connections can be made fully live in minutes, without time-consuming crimping, applying insulation or sealing compound
• Body moulded from tough, resilient, glass filled nylon for long service life exposed to weather (particularly sunlight) – rounded to prevent damage to adjacent conductors
• Extra hard aluminium contact teeth cut through insulation without splitting – ensure proper penetration into the conductor and electrical continuity without sacrificing mechanical strength of conductor
• Aluminium teeth ensure compatibility with aluminium conductor and will not deteriorate due to stress corrosion
• Rubber seals and grease prevent moisture entering cable for long term performance
• End caps provided are used to seal the end of the branch core
• Suitable for Aluminium and Copper


IPC’s are tightened onto the insulated conductor using a 13mm spanner and have a hex nut that shears once the correct torque is attained. The installation can be done fully live since the IPC is insulated and the insulation is not removed from the conductor. The contact pressure is maintained by the single hot dip galvanised bolt.

Technical Data

Conductive material
Aluminium teeth 99.6%

Final metal state

Water proofing
Rubber seals and grease
6 kV withstand voltage test
in water

Tested to 125°C

Conformant standards
NF-C33020 (HN33S63) France
1000 heat cycles test to IEC 20
(sec. 256)
Designed for cable made to
AS 3560

Accepting authorities
Energy Australia
Integral Energy

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